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Not currently teaching, but some of the old resources that might still be useful to someone somewhere are left here, but not maintained.

Get Networking. Perth's a small pond and if you get to know people who are both in your industry, or fellow students at other institutions who are also going to be in your industry, your chances of getting a great job when you finish will be much higher. Check out the links page for new links to relevant emailing lists and groups you can join.

Interested in collaborating creatively? You're welcome to come along to the next 3minutes.net interactive workshop or to our VJzoo AV club Plug n Play.

Vive La Revolution!

MIT, as well as putting their courses online for free (yay them) have developed a $100 laptop for third-world kids with their "A Laptop For Every Child" program - they're aiming to make 150 million of them in the next 2 years. It's not pie-in-the-sky dreaming, it's reality!

Free video hosting

Since you're all so disappointed that you can't get a $100 laptop of your own, here's something that you CAN benefit from yourself - free video hosting at Ourmedia.org and download free movies and more at Archive.org. I worship their fabulousness. So, upload your animations and let the whole world see them :)

Personalised Merchandise

Want to have some natty merchandise made up with your designs to give clients, or even family members for Xmas? Check out my retrokat and goldentarot Cafe Press stores - you can do similar things withyour own designs, and you can just order a single one of each item if you like, or maybe order a few items for your end of year Exhibition, Advanced Diplomas!

Or get yourbookspublished for free at lulu.com

Some great examples of free online education:

ocw.mit.edu/index.html - MIT University in the US is aiming to provide ALL it's course materials online for free. There's already a lot of stuff available. I fully support their 'try before you buy' approach

adobe.com/education/instruction/main.html - Adobe encourages educators to share their class materials.

My other life

If you're interested in my moonlighting activities, there may be vjzoo.com VJ gigs we're doing if you'd like to come along. Or you might be interested in collaborating on our new project 3minutes.net. My most (commercially, at least) successful project and my only foray into dead-tree based authorship so far is goldentarot.com. The rest of my empire can be explored at retrokat.com including links to some of my more peculiar and quirky sites.

Byte Me! Festival - Digital Content Festival, Australia Dec 2007

Whether you're one of my formal students or not, welcome to my little extra-curricular class resources.

This site is NOT endorsed by or affiliated with any particular educational institution, it's just what I do in my own time to amuse myself, and hopefully may be of some assistance to others, be they current, previous or even potential students.

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There's a page of useful links, and there's a sitemap with all of my classes week by week.

If you're not currently fully protected from nasties on your home computer, you might like to read my page on virus protection etc.

August 2005: I went to a great talk by Cortney Armitage, a layout artist with Pixar who's in Australia making a documentary about belly dancing. I only found out about it the day it was on so couldn't tell any of you to come along too! Ah well! If you're interested in attending future talks organised by WAnimate, drop me an email and I'll forward on your email address to Tom Lupin as they don't yet have a website to refer you to. Ms Armitage's talk was very inspiring and informative and the (mostly male) audience hung on her every word. A gorgeous girl talking geekily about her work at Pixar - talk about the perfect fantasy for a lot of guys out there ;) You can see scenes from her doco "Tribal Style" and even a pic of the film-maker at igctribalstyle.net/Mizhealers.html - my only disappointment with the talk was that there wasn't time to see any of her work as an animator in her own right, although watching the scenes from the Incredibles at various stages of the layout process was fascinating.

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