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Week 16 - Test

Yes, this is the day of the test. It's one hour in duration. The test structure of the test will be as follows:

  • 26 Image Recognition Questions (37 marks)
  • 28 Multiple Choice Questions (28 marks)
  • 25 Short Answer Questions (25 marks)
  • 1 Discussion Question, from a choice of 19 Topics (10 marks)

The marks will be used as a guide only to assess your competency in the Learning Outcomes for the unit.

If you have literacy or language difficulties and think you will need extra time to take the test, oral examination, translation aids (such as a dictionary) or other such arrangements, contact me BEFORE the test so I can find a mutually agreeable arrangement. Students requiring additional time can negotiate dependant on your particular special needs.

Also, there is a study aid available (see Revision Week 15) - a complete list of names of the designers we've covered this semester. You will be given the same list during the Test.

Any outstanding assignments MUST be handed in by this week as Week 17 is feedback, retesting etc. Please all attend on Week 17, as you may be assessed as competent by then and not be required to attend for the remaining weeks.

A final interesting link:

When is an architect not just an architect?

Ah... quite a bit of the time if the ones we've covered over this semester are anything to go by. eg:



Next Week: Feedback and preliminary results


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