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We covered Modernism in Design & Cultures 1 last semester, you can pop back there for a recap:

Watching video in class: From "This is Modern Art" Series with Matthew Collings, Channel 4, 2000 - Episode 2 "Shock! Horror!"

The exhibition that I mentioned in class that might be interested in participating in is SupermART. You can find out more about the show, submission process etc:


Le Corbusier (Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, 1887-1865)

Figurehead of European Modernism, Le Corbusier is also seen as one of the founding fathers of the International Style. Le Corbusier was a Swiss Architect and Town Planner who lived in Paris and wrote various books that became manuals of the International Style.

Although he's most commonly associated with designs that can look somewhat generic - flat, white boxes, he also designed some quite unique buildings such as the Notre Dame Du Haut.
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