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Week 2 -
Proto Modernism

Week 3 -
Modernism and Fine Art Movements

Week 4 -
Utopian Visions

Week 5 -
The Bauhaus

Week 6 -
The Material Culture and Consumerism

Week 7 -
The Design Profession

Week 8 -
Corporate Design

Week 9 -
Term 1 Review

Week 10 -
Written Test

Mid Semester Break

Week 11 -
National Identity in Design

Week 12 -
Design and Reconstruction

Week 13 -
Humanist Design

Week 14 -
Non Contact Week

Week 15 -
Mid Century Modern - Written Assignment Due

Week 16 -
Women and Design

Week 17 -
High Tech Architecture
& Contemporary Modernism

Week 18 -
Term 2 Review

Week 19 -
Written Test

Week 7 - The Design Profession

Watched videos:

The Coke Bottle, from Design Icons series. Perhaps one of the most successful corporate symbols of all time, and inexorably linked to the image of the USA throughout the world. Coke's promise to provide all GI's anywhere in the world with a bottle of Coke for a nickel during WWII resulted in the spread of Coke bottling plants throughout Europe and Asia.

Max Ernst and the Surrealists. Surrealists rarely showed overt politicism within their paintings, but they were a deeply political - in fact recvolutionary - movement. Consider how they expressed this within their art (if indeed you believe they did). Why were they so determined to acess the subconscious? What were some of the contextual factors influencing the development of Surrealism?








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