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Postmodernism: Decoration and appropriation, the return of the narrative and content

Week 8 - Revision

I will hand out a copy of the website to date.

Although not all of the test answers will be given on the website, the issues raised and the links given will give you a sound foundation and provide you with a fairly clear picture of what will be covered.

As always though, your assessment will be based upon competency in the Learning Outcomes. There will be no actual marks given in the test, but they will be mapped over to demonstrated competency in the Learning Outcomes.

The test will be one hour in duration and will be a combination of matching questions, short answers and image recognition.

Your test will commence at 12.30pm on Thursday 23rd September.

If you need extra time due to language or literacy problems, please just let me know beforehand and you can have up to an extra hour.

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