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This week - tutorials! I'll bring a Mac and PC laptop and digital projector. Remember, written assignments due next week.

Like something you saw in the tutorials? Here's a couple of links I found interesting:


Pop Art

Gyorgy Kepes

Milton Glaser

Saul Bass

Paul Rand

Tutorials scheduled:

Thursday Class 2/9
3:00 vacant
3:15 Pawilars - Disney
3:30 Dee B
3:45 Yang Y - Pop Art
4:00 Gemma F - Gyorgy Kepes
4:15 Erin S
4:30 Emma W - Milton Glaser
4:45 Christy H - Saul Bass
5:00 Harrison MacD

I think someone told me they're doing Paul Rand, but I'm not sure who!

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