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The Thirties - Art Deco and Streamline Style


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Unit: Design Research - 10817

If you're in my Design Research class at Central TAFE then you're in the right spot - our cyberspace class notice board. All information contained herein is unofficial and not necessarily shared by TAFE :)

Here, we can share urls (website addresses), book titles, info about assignments and anything else that you might need to access from home.

Your tutorial presentation says it should be on a particular designer, but given that you haven't studied the periods before & also that graphic designers rarely get the credit they deserve, it's a bit hard to identify the designers of particular works. Therefore, you just need to select a period from those given above and cover all of the Learning Outcomes listed in your 10-15 minute tutorial.

Although I'll be providing a bunch of web links, I also expect you to research books. You know, those big heavy things made of processed trees. To the left are links to the LRC (Learning Resource Centre, our library here at Central TAFE) and also to the statewide government library system's complete catalogue.

The Alexander Library in particular is an amazing resource, and although you can't take books out (it's a reference library only) it's just across the road, has loads of comfortable seating and is air conditioned. They have heaps of videos as well as books.

Remember, all sources you use for tutorial presentations AND the assignment must be referenced according to the Harvard Referencing System. A booklet on this is available for 2 dollars from the student bookshop, or a 7 page booklet is available for free online courtesy of Bournemouth University in the UK at:


There is also free information regarding Harvard Referencing available online through the LRC (see Central TAFE link).

If you have problems with any aspect of the course, please talk to me about it in our tutorial session. If you have Dyslexia, language difficulties or any other personal circumstances that make the standard coursework difficult for you, I may be able to find other ways for you to demonstrate your Competency in the Learning Outcomes other than the standard course assessment tools.

This unit is traditionally considered one of the most difficult to pass. There's a LOT of information to become familiar with in a short space of time, and you will only manage it if you put in some effort to researching based on what I've given you - in your own time. Just coming to the lecture will NOT be enough for you to pass in this unit. Remember, you have to pass all units to get into the next year of the course, so if you are having difficulties, talk to me about it as early as possible.

My emphasis as we go through each of these periods will be on Graphic Design, as that's the course you're doing this unit as a part of. Although other streams of design such as furniture, industrial design, fashion, photography, architecture, interior design and fine art will be mentioned in passing, they will not be covered in detail. I encourage you to develop an awareness of each of those other streams for your chosen styles when you do your assignments, even though I've largely neglected them here due to lack of time and space. They are important in terms of contextualising the period, so please consider them.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or if you have any great websites to share with the rest of the class: kat@retrokat.com

See you all in class...

meow & ciao,

kat =^..^=

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