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Consumer Studies

Why do we buy what we buy?

How do we sell stuff to people who don't really need it?

and other intriguing issues relating to consumerism in 2005......

Funny eh, me teaching "Consumer Studies" when everything I wear is vintage and even my laptop's held together with gaffa tape.

Anyway, I hope I can at least get you thinking about the issues invovled in consumerism. Some of you want to work in Advertising when you finish your graphic design studies, so this unit's of particular relevance for you.

The most significant thing I can cover is marketing on the web - although ironically I don't actually make any money out of the mass traffic sites I run. I can tell you things that COULD be of benefit to your future potential employers though, so we'll be covering web marketing in particular detail even though it's not specified in the (pretty much pre-web) syllabus.

Sorry that I didn't have a chance to redevelop the course materials before teaching this unit and that I'm making do with other lecturers' materials - I inherited the units on the first day of term and now I'm stuck with what I hurriedly put in the DSAP in that first week! No problem though, we can adapt what we cover week by week to suit your interests - but we'll be sticking with the official assignments as set in the DSAP.

I recently noticed that my sites are getting links from http://www.stumbleupon.com/refer.html - how very contemporary, that the most efficient form of marketing (word of mouth) has now been conveniently automated! Funnily enough, you couldn't pay for advertising that was as effective as these sort of viral campaigns. Although agencies are certainly trying! eg: http://suburbanforce.com

In particular industries, the web is now the KEY channel used by consumers to make their purchasing decisions, see this article released 30/8/05 in NZ (pdf sorry!): nielsen-netratings.com/pr/pr_050831_newzealand.pdf

Some links relevant to class discussions:

eyemagazine.com/critique.php?cid=284 - A mythical communication device to promote a tech-savvy comedy series on Channel 4.

mclibel.com - website for the documentary film about the McDonalds libel case

drmartens.com - so are they selling boots, or attitude? Or both? The docos are great - eg Adam Neat ("Is it litter, is it art?")

Kat's Web Rescue Site

retrokat.com quite nice sites

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