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GUI and Usability Books

Here's a list of the books I have in my personal web library that I recommend. TRY before you buy (if you really want to buy, which you'll only need to do if you intend to continue making websites after this course). I own all of these books personally, and you can have a look at them to see which books suit what you want to do with your websites.

If you're in one of my classes, you can borrow them in class time to read. It doesn't have to be in YOUR class time with me, you're welcome to gatecrash any of my classes if you'd like to sit quietly up the back and read any of them. I can't lend them out though, as I need them to be available as teaching resources for all my students.

You might even be able to get them out of the library. See my main class page for links to the WA Library Catalogue and Central TAFE's LRC.

You should be able to get all the information you need from these Amazon links (author, ISBN etc) to be able to find the books locally if they're available. I buy most of my books through Amazon, and it often works out cheaper than buying in Australia, especially if one of the "Marketplace sellers" has discounted end-of-print-run versions. For example, I got "Skip Intro" for a dollar a copy, plus $9 postage. It took about 2 weeks to arrive, but that's so cheap I was happy to wait :)

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