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Graphic User Interfaces (GUI)

You're all Graphic Design students, and I have no doubt that every one of you has more graphic design talent that I do. I know you could all make pretty sites, cool, funky sites, slicko corporate sites. You could whip them up in Photoshop and using authoring tools get them to function to some degree as a website. Ah, but I want MORE than that from you! I want you to make websites that work WELL. Having a good GUI is imperative.

As mentioned in the intro, being a well informed web user is the first step to being a good web developer, so we'll spend the first few weeks just looking at sites and how well they work. This isn't just an assignment, it will be a change in the way you surf the web. You'll notice new things - what works, what doesn't. Hopefully you'll find yourself asking "Why did they do that?" a lot. I spend a lot of time online, and every time I visit a new site I start to analyse it in the back of my mind.

I've let you choose the sites to review, as that gives me the best idea of what you like - but then later, we'll have to get a bit more realistic and hard-nosed. What are YOUR clients likely to want here in Perth? Probably, a pretty simple functional site that looks good but is easy to update, ranks well, loads quickly and is easy to navigate.

Understanding the needs of your client goes beyond what they just tell you they want when it comes to making a website. There are a lot of technical issues and limitations - more than we can cover in a semester, but at least we'll start to touch on those. There are issues that may seem small but can make all the difference to the success of their site.

Show & Tell in GUI Class: (only web, not DVDs listed)

Quinton W: tokyoplastic.com
Marianne: starburst.com

Some other sites you might like:

See you all in class...

meow & ciao,

kat =^..^=


For Official Handouts (eg Delivery Schedules etc) ask in class for a current version to be printed for you.

Non-Official Class Handouts will be posted here for you to access any time.

GUI Review Sheet (Word Doc, 26kb)
10 Rules for a Quite Nice Site (Word Doc, 54kb)

Other useful links now have their own page

Previous Students sites reviewed:

Matt F: wetdreams.com.au and nickgoode.com.au
Dipesh P: hot97.com and lego.com
Aaron G: nike.com/nikebasketball/usa
Vince W: lucashirata.com and csszengarden.com
Tommy D: misprintedtype.com and 96fm.com.au
Robert P: allmusic.com
Garrett C: findingnemo.com
Suzanne B: typenow.net, bluevertigo.com.ar and emogame.com
Juliette D: topdesign.com
Zara H: zara.com
Valentine: waso.com.au
Bill M: mygnr.com
Nadia: ? sorry, don't have the url!
Paul I: damntoys.com
Emelyn D: maggietaylor.com and hitmancontracts.com
Adrian: theplaygroup.com and hi-res.net
Rebecca: procorbis.com
Ute H: designbyfront.com and jessett.com
Jonathon: nike.com
Renae: motiontheory.com
Mei Ho: designiskinky.com
Ryan: terminator3.com
Sean: snapple.com
Grant P: neostream.com
Sylvia: skribblestudios.com
Joshua: stephenbliss.com
Nichola: liquidgeneration.com
Jennifer: www.thephaeton.co.uk
Lauren: beksinski.pl
Nam: 123klan.free.fr
Kelly Ann: paulfrank.com
Jesse: www.liberty.co.uk
Fenny: ferryhalim.com
Erin: www.vodafone.com/flash/futures
Grant S: 2advanced.com
Grant P's hand-in: rustboy.com

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