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I know nobody (sane) wants to create pages in code, but sorry - it's compulsory for your assessment. In the next few lessons, we'll be coding by hand in a text editor. I don't expect you to buy a book on the subject as you'll probably never do it again. You'll be able to find all you need to know to pass the assignment in resources I'll provide, both online and in handouts.

The first assignment can be downloaded here (Word doc)

Sorry it was late! I don't know how the other 3 versions I had were ALL corrupted... *sigh* So, now will be due in Week 5 not Week 4 as stated on DSAP.

Recommended resources:

htmlgoodies.com - the tutorials are very good, as is the non-tech intro.
www.w3schools.com - more good tutorials

See you all in class...

meow & ciao,

kat =^..^=

For Official Handouts (eg Delivery Schedules etc) ask in class for a current version to be printed for you.

Non-Official Class Handouts will be posted here for you to access any time.

GUI Review Sheet (Word Doc, 26kb)
10 Rules for a Quite Nice Site (Word Doc, 54kb)

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