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Don't ever drag columns and row sizes, type them into the Properties Dialog Box. Otherwise, if you need to change the size you'll have a hell of a time finding where the width/height is set.


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sound on the web (assessment 3)

A lot of people really dislike sound on websites, and I'm one of them. In particular, sounds that play automatically when a page is visited, especially if it can't be turned off, will annoy the beegeebies out of your visitors.

There are also issues about cross-platform and browser performance. Some formats won't play on Mac, some require particular Plug-Ins etc.

As you have to use sound as one of the elements for this assessment though, we can't avoid it.

My preferred option is to simply link to an mp3 within your site that will play in just about anyone's default media player on almost any web-enable computer (apart from people in offices whose computers often deliberately don't have sound cards/speakers).

Try to be respectful of other people's copyright and only use their files as per the terms on their site.

If you're interested in making your own music for your site, that's great - but be mindful of the fact that's not really part of this unit, so get your site built first and then I'm happy to point you in the direction of resources to help you make music.

Some places you can download sounds and/or music to use for your site:

Note: A lot of these sites have spammy pop-up ads. Shouldn't be too much of a problem on the school Macs, but at home, be aware that this could be a security issue. You should regularly scan any PC for spyware with a free program such as AdAware or SpyBot.

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