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Video on the web is an absolute nightmare. Due to different file formats, compression codecs, bandwidth limitations etc, it's almost impossible to have video on a website that will work for most people, let alone all. Good sites have a range of different formats and use common codecs, but the common ones such as Cinepak are will affect the quality of your video a LOT.

There's no easy solution. As with sound, this is something you have to integrate into your site for this assessment and that I wouldn't normally recommend you have on your site unless it's vital to the purpose of your site. One small video file can use up more space and bandwidth that the rest of your site put together, and the quality and size will be so poor it's not a terribly good way for a graphic designer to show their stuff.

In order to meet the requirements of this assignment, I recommend you find or create as small a video file as possible. The types made by some phones or small digital cameras are ideal, often in Quicktime or mpeg format and an appropriate size for the web. If you're trying to output something you've made, say in Premiere, After Effects or otehr video editing program, it takes a lot more effort to get the file optimsed for web delivery. We won't have any time to spend on the finer points of that in class, but perhaps I can do any necessary conversions with/for you?

My partner Jasper and I do VJing (video DJing) and some of the links we have on our site bunniboi.com might be useful. As you'll notice, our video samples on that site don't work on the Macs at school. As we're specifically providing them for other VJs who use the same setup as us, it's not important for the purpose of the site that they work for everyone. In fact, it saves us bandwidth if the average person doesn't want to view/download them.

More links and discussion coming soon.

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