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If you're interested in my moonlighting activities, there may be bunniboi.com VJ gigs we're doing if you'd like to come along. Or you might be interested in collaborating on our new project 3minutes.net. My most (commercially, at least) successful project and my only foray into dead-tree based authorship so far is goldentarot.com. The rest of my empire can be explored at retrokat.com including links to some of my more peculiar and quirky sites.

This site is NOT endorsed by or affiliated with Central TAFE, it's just what I do in my own time to amuse myself, and hopefully may be of some assistance to others, be they current, previous or even potential students.

I've been a web dev for a long time and have always made low-tech high-ranking and hopefully, above all, USABLE websites.

I'll blah blah about myself a bit more soon, if anyone's interested.


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