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Carl Guy

Lee Wilkinson

Carlo Tarabini

Kirrill Ivoutin

Furnitex - Vivid 2005

In 2005, six of the DFI & Furniture Diploma-level students featured works in the Furnitex 2005 VIVID Furniture Showcase in Melbourne. It was 14th - 17th July 2005, see:

http://www.fiaa.com.au/?id=122 or http://www.furnitex.com.au/

Keith Melbourne

Lisa Iley

Lee, Lisa, Kat & the back of Keith as he demonstrates effective networking techniques with Industry representatives

On the social side, we had a wonderful time winding down at Ajisen Ramen then the way-cool Croft Institute (great Long Island Iced Teas and Cactus Juice). The toilet was called "The Department of Female Hygiene" - complete with a stainless steel trolley-bed with a hospital blanket. So disappointed that you can't buy their excellent house-distilled vodka to take home - smelt awful, like cleaning fluid, but was THE smoothest tasting vodka I've ever had. We bailed after about 5 cocktails. Good to see everyone else survived and made it back to school the following Monday in Perth :)

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